Sea, Too? You Adapted my Battleship!: Problems of Narration and Adaptation

‘Sea, Too? You Adapted my Battleship!: Problems of Narration and Adaptation’

Wickham Clayton

Using Thomas Leitch’s model of ‘postliterary adaptation’, which envisions adaptive potentiality for texts outside the strictly literary with Leitch using the example of Clue: The Movie (1985; dir. Lynn) based on the Parker Brothers game Cluedo, this article analyses the formal and structural elements of the 2012 film adaptation of the Hasbro game Battleship (dir. Berg), and how this was accomplished utilising elements of the source text. Beginning with cynical responses to initial announcements that a film adaptation of Battleship would be going into production, this article observes the grounds on which this cynicism was built, particularly regarding minimal narrative potential.  Following this, and using theories of narration and adaptation, the article explores the process of adaptation based on the film’s stylistic and narrational mechanics, and ultimately demonstrating the gap between pre-emptive critical assessment and theoretical models of film construction… [Full Article Here].

From: Issue 7 (Summer 2014), eds. Bethan Jones and Wickham Clayton.

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