About Intensities

Intensities is an online journal first launched at Cardiff University in 2001 under the editorship of Matt Hills and Sara Gwenllian Jones.  It later moved to Brunel University, where it was edited by David Lavery, and is currently edited (still at Brunel) by Leon Hunt. Intensities will publish two issues a year. The journal addresses all aspects of cult media including cult television, cult film, cult radio, cult comics, literary cults and cult authors, new media cults, cult figures and celebrities, cult icons, musical cults, cult geographies, historical studies of media cults and their fandoms, cult genres (e.g. science fiction, horror, fantasy, pulp fiction, Manga, anime, Hong Kong film etc.), non-generic modes of cultishness, theorisations of cult media, relevant audience and readership studies, and work that addresses the cult media industry.

In addition to publishing refereed essays (of between 6000 and 8000 words), Intensities also features a non-refereed Cult Media Review section which will carry shorter speculative reviews, reviews of cult phenomena (e.g. cult TV series, cult films, cult novels, science fiction, comics), short critical essays, interview transcripts, conference and convention reviews and articles about aspects of industry, fan culture, production and authorship.

Editor: Leon Hunt, Brunel University

Assistant Editors: Eve Bennett, Independent Researcher; Dean Bowman, University of East Anglia; Eli Goren, Brunel University; Ben Dalton, King’s College London; Angelica De Vido, University of Oxford.

Editor, Cult Media Review: Erin Pearson, University of East Anglia

Please see Submission Guidelines for further information regarding article submissions, calls for papers, style guides and contact details.

4 Responses to “About Intensities”
  1. Lynette Russell says:

    I need assistance please. I published along with Nathan Wolski ‘Beyond the Final Frontier: Star Trek, the Borg and the Post-colonial’ in your first edition we have been approached to republish this in a star trek anthology Star Trek: Critical Essays on the Classic Series (working title) edited by Douglas Brode and Shea T. Brode, to be published by Rowman & Littlefield. Can we ascertain copyright and will you allow this, with FULL acknowledgement, also we will rework it a little.

  2. Please could you confirm the address to send a review copy of a book to? I assume this should be sent to Erin Pearson? Many thanks.

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