Issue 7 (Summer 2014) – Special Issue

Figure 2 - Battlestar Galactica

The Transmedia Relationship Between Film/TV Texts and Board Games

Edited by Bethan Jones and Wickham Clayton


Introduction to the Special Issue

Bethan Jones and Wickham Clayton

Reconfiguring Narrative in Contemporary Board Games: Story-Making Across the Competitive-Cooperative Spectrum

Adam Brown and Deb Waterhouse-Watson

Playing Dead: Transmedia Pathos and Plot in The Walking Dead Board Games

Paul Booth

See, Too? You Adapted my Battleship!: Problems of Narration and Adaptation

Wickham Clayton

The Wonderful Game of Oz and Tarzan Jigsaws: Commodifying Transmedia in Early Twentieth-Century Consumer Culture  

Matthew Freeman

Unusual Geography: Discworld Board Games and Paratextual L-Space

Bethan Jones

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Game as Liminal Space

Karra Shimabukuro

Adaptation and Space: Thematic and Atmospheric Considerations for Board Game Environment Construction

Megan Condis

Playing with Place: Ambiguities of Geography and Citizenship in The Great Charlie Chan Detective Mystery Game

Elizabeth Rawitsch

The Art of Neighbours Gaming: Facebook, Fan-Crafted Games and Humour

Ruth A. Deller


Intensive: Cult Media Review

Edited by Erin Pearson


Zombies in Rubber: An Interview with Jake West

Adrian Smith

A Very British Chainsaw Massacre

Steve Gerrard

Film Review: The Witch Who Came From the Sea (Dir. Matt Cimber, 1976)

Erin Horakova

Interview with Emma Valente (THE RABBLE): Staging a Queered Reinvention of the Story of O

Sarah Taylor-Harman

The Sims: A Retrospective – A Participatory Culture 14 Years On

Ludovica Price

The Curious Case of Old Friends and New Fancies

Courtney Maren Hilden


Image Courtesy of Adam Brown, 2014.



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