Issue 6 (Autumn/Winter 2013)

(USE THIS ONE)The Room - 3

Intensities: Issue 6


The Aesthetics of ‘So Bad it’s Good’: Value, Intention and The Room

James MacDowell and James Zborowski

Countdown and Cult Music Television Programmes: An Australian Case Study

Liz Giuffre

A Vintage Year for Scoundrels: Shapes of Villainy in Adam Adamant Lives!

Daniel O’Brien

Lovecraft Fandom(s): Racism, Denial, and White Nationalism

Ezra Claverie

Television and (Trans-)National Consciousness: Dinner for One as Serious German Cult TV 

Holger Briel


Intensive: Cult Media Review


Resurrecting the One-Sheet: Alternative Movie Posters and the ‘Secretive World of Film Art’ 

Erin Pearson

Grave Expectations: Vampira and her Audiences, 1954-1956 

Phil Oppenheim

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