Issue 9 (Spring 2017)

Issue 9: Spring 2017


Queering Stories and Selves: Gamer Poop and Subversive Narrative Emergence

Lawrence May and Fraser McKissack


Tits and Clits: Sexuality and Activism in Woman-Authored Underground Comics

Chadwick Roberts


Redrawing the Boundaries of Gender and Sexuality: A Psychological Reconceptualisation of the Boys’ Love Phenomenon

Ágnes Zsila and Zsolt Demetrovics


Mondo Realism, the Sensual Body, and Genre Hybridity in Joe D’Amato’s ‘Emanuelle’ Films

Mario DeGiglio-Bellemare


Last Action Hero?: Casablanca‘s Cult Film Propaganda Strategy

Megan Condis


Game of Spoilers: Adapted Works and Fan Consumption Disputes in Brazil

Mayka Castellano, Melina Meimaridis, and Marcelo Alves dos Santos Junior


Displaying Fan Identity to Make Friends

Daniel Chadborn, Patrick Edwards, and Stephen Reysen


Intensive: Cult Media Review


Book Review: Celebrity: Capitalism and the Making of Fame, by Milly Williamson

Rebecca Feasey


Book Review: Contemporary British Horror Cinema: Industry, Genre and Society, by Johnny Walker

William Proctor


Book Review: Illegal Literature, Toward a Disruptive Creativity, by David S. Roh

Roberto Mozzachiodi


Book Review: American TV Detective Dramas, by Mareike Jenner

Jessica Austin


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