Issue 8 (Winter/Spring 2016)


Issue 8: Winter/Spring 2016

Special Issue: Fifty Shades of Grey

Edited by Sarah Taylor-Harman and Erin Pearson


Tied Up In Knots: Irony, Ambiguity, and the ‘Difficult’ Pleasures of Fifty Shades of Grey

Richard McCulloch


‘My inner goddess is smouldering and not in a good way’: An Anti-fannish Account of Consuming Fifty Shades

Bethan Jones


A Red Room of  Her Own: Dominants, Submissives, Fans and Producers of

Fifty Shades of Grey

Bridget Kies


Gazing Grey and the Shading of Female Sexuality

Kavyta K


Fifty Shades of Toys: Notions of Play and Things for Play in the Fifty Shades of Grey Canon

Katriina Heljakka


The Promise of Whiteness: Fifty Shades of Grey as White Racial Archive

Moon Charania



Intensive: Cult Media Review

Edited by Erin Pearson and Dean Bowman


It Follows: Horror in a Straight Line

Ben Dalton


‘The girl the whole world is waiting to see more of!’ Isabel Sarli, and the Failed Attempt to Launch a New Star in 1960s Britain

Adrian Smith


Oddbods, Bungs and Frying Tonight! Or… is Carry on Screaming! a Cult Film?

Steve Gerrard


John Carpenter Retrospective at the 29th Leeds International Film Festival,

5-19th November 2015

Robert Shail


Book Review: Game Play by Paul Booth

Douglas Brown


Book Review: Shigeru Miyamoto by Jennifer deWinter

Dean Bowman


Understanding the End: Post-object Fandom: Television, Identity

and Self-Narrative by Rebecca Williams

Simone Driessen


Book Review: Fantastic Transmedia by Colin B. Harvey

Bethan Jones


Book Review: 70s Monster Memories edited by Eric McNaughton

Neil Mitchell



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