The Transmedia Relationship Between Film/TV Texts and Board Games


Click here to access Issue 7 (August 2014), eds. Bethan Jones and Wickham Clayton.


‘Introduction to the Special Issue: the Transmedia Relationship Between Film/TV Texts and Board Games’

Bethan Jones and Wickham Clayton

The following group of papers came about via a bemused fascination quickly shared and discussed on a social networking website. Wickham viewed Battleship (2012, Dir. Peter Berg) and excitedly posted a statement regarding his experience of the film as an adaptation, and Bethan immediately engaged, albeit from the opposite end of viewing games as interactive paratexts for film and television series. The fascination with which we both took to the subject of board games as the source texts for, and resultant texts of, transmedial adaptation speaks to the interest that we share towards these media forms and the fandom that they generate. Thanks to the primacy of social networking sites, we quickly discovered we weren’t the only ones. Within five minutes several academics had replied with the texts they would have liked to study, and within 15 minutes, the idea for this special issue emerged…. [Full Introduction Here]

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