Which is the best Doctor Who story? A case study in value judgements outside the academy

1.3 Doctor Who









‘Which is the best Doctor Who story? A case study in value judgements outside the academy’

Alan McKee

‘Ultimately the paper has a very simple project: to make explicit the fact this research, and the foregoing work of Tulloch and Jenkins, can be mobilised precisely to engage in wider theoretical arguments about cultural value. The level of detail which can be presented in this case study, as questions of value are of central concern to the work (rather than in that of Tulloch and Jenkins, where it is one of many aspects of fans’ reactions to programs in which they are interested) should also make clear that, contra the residual authoritarianism implicit in accounts which worry that without the clear guidance of ‘we’ academics, people outside the academy will be unable to engage in informed debate about value, in fact the degree of detail, knowledge and self-awareness in these discussions is impressive.

How, then, do Doctor Who fans decide which are the ‘best’ Doctor Who stories?’ [Full Article Here]


From:  Issue 1 (Spring/Summer 2001), ed. Matt Hills and Sara Gwenllian Jones. 



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