Intensities: The Journal of Cult Media 4 – Mysterious Bodies (2007)

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Special Issue Mysterious Bodies

Guest Editors: Rayna Denison and Mark Jancovich

1. Rayna Denison and Mark Jancovich, ‘Introduction’

2. Mark Jancovich, ‘An Unidentified Species: Horror, the Body and Early Television’

3. Lincoln Geraghty, ‘Painted Men and Salt Monsters: The Alien Body in 50s and 60s American Science Fiction Television’

4. Milly Williamson, ‘Television, Vampires and the Body: Somatic Pathos’

5. Matt Hills, ‘”Gothic” Body Parts in a “Postmodern” Body of Work? The Hinchcliffe/Holmes Era of Doctor Who (1975-77)’

6. Rayna Denison, ‘The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence: Investigating the Complexity of the Television Body’

7. Rebecca Feasey, ‘Investigating Angel: The Hair, the Car and the Wardrobe’

8. Peter Hutchings, ‘Welcome to Royston Vasey: Grotesque Bodies and the Horror of Comedy in The League of Gentlemen

9. Elke Weissman, ‘The Victim’s Suffering Translated: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the Crime Genre’

10. Julian Savage, ‘The Lost Cult of Wake in Fright

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